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Our goal is to make high quality fish food using all natural ingredients

Why Reef Munchies?

Better health for your fish is possible by giving them a variety and also the best possible ingredients. We have made it simple for you. Our fish food is a blend of 6 different human grade seafood’s, fresh algae, Spirulina and all the vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids that are necessary to support a good balanced diet for you fish. Most commercial fish foods are either baked, cooked, frozen or freeze dried. Each one of these methods has a negative impact on the final nutritional value of the food. Our approach is completely different. We dehydrate our fish food which preserves the maximum amount of nutrition possible. The other methods destroy all the beneficial enzymes in the food making it harder for the fish to digest. The dehydration method merely causes the enzymes to become dormant and they revive once consumed by your fish. Our fish food has more than double the nutritional value than our closest competitor. This means you can feed less which results in less waste in your tank reducing Nitrates. Within a few weeks it becomes clearly visible that fish who are fed our product every day become much more vibrant and active, while building their immune system reducing stress and disease. If your fish had a choice, there is no doubt our fish food would be at the top of their list. As long as we hold them captive, we have the choice and responsibility to give them what they would choose. Do something for your fish. Reef Munchies makes it easy and possible.  Feed your marine pets Reef Munchies marine fish food.


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Many people have been asking us about where to get Freshwater Fuzz, and we can finally give you guys some concrete info.  

  • If you're located in California LA area, you can visit The Corner Aquarium @ 23649 Arlington Ave, Torrance, CA. The owner is Bob and he is a very nice person tell him we sent you!
  • For online shoppers, Frontline Aquatics just made it available: Buy It Here
  • We're currently working on getting more Freshwater focused stores to carry our product, so hold tight more are coming soon!.

 And for those of you that have been wondering where we have been, please follow the read more link to find out.

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Reef Munchies' goal is to make high quality fish food using all natural ingredients, and where possible use human-grade components; why feed our saltwater fish and critters with food that we wouldn't eat ourselves?

In our latest video, you'll get to see Marine Munchies saltwater fish food in action, a little teaser about what's coming from Reef Munchies, and a very special surprise!

If you've seen us at various trade shows and club meetings, you know what's going to happen in this video.  Our founder is going to put his mouth where his words are at, and show his belief in food that is worthy of being fed to our fish.   

Watch the video from the "Reef Munchies Videos" section on the front page, or follow the read more link below to see it!

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We've all seen "Fish Meal" appear near the top of the ingredients list of many commercially available dry fish foods, but it's never really explained to consumers what is fish meal or any other *meal.  It's highly nutritious and packed full of proteins that are good for marine fish health, but it's really cheap and not something Reef Munchies believes in. Fish Meal is basically all of the left over bi-products from processing fish for human consumption; it's what no one wants to eat. In nature fish do not eat it!

Want to learn more about fish meal?

Check out our article Truth About Fish Meal

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